Below are the original watercolour paintings that I have available at the present.

For enquiries about any of these originals or about having a bespoke painting done, please email me directly at artist@talitharosanne.com.


“Blackbird Nest with Egg” $1,400 (Unframed) 27.2 cm x 37.4 cm



“Blackbird Sitting on Nest” $1,400 (Unframed) 27.6 cm x 37.2 cm


“Miromiro” SOLD (Framed)


“Sparrows and Anemones” $7,500 (Framed) Painting size 43 cm x 56 cm


“Preening Huia” $4,750 (Framed) 


“Primroses” Sold (Framed)

Painting size is 53 cm x 40.6 cm. Total frame size is 71 cm x 85 cm.



“Kea” SOLD (framed)

Painting size is 54.8 x 74.2 cm. Total frame size is 1.05 x 1.31 metres.