About Giclee Prints

All the prints made of my watercolours are Giclee prints which are high quality archival prints, designed to retain their beautiful colours for many, many years. 

There are three different types of print I create, they are all Giclee prints and each one is hand signed and numbered by myself.

Artist Proofs

When I complete a watercolour painting, I get it professionally scanned or photographed so that I can make prints from it. Even though I usually sell my original paintings I personally keep all the copyrights to the image so that no one can reproduce it but myself. The next step after scanning or photographing the painting is colour correcting to get it as close as possible to the original watercolour and this is where Artist Proofs come in. These are usually the first prints that are created and they are might be slightly different in colour or size from the rest of the edition. But their uniqueness is actually their charm and often makes them a more desirable print to have. They are numbered AP 1, AP 2 etc. which of course stand for Artist Proof.


The Numbered Prints of the Edition

These is the actual edition and they are signed as 1/100, 2/100 etc. (print number one in and edition of 100 prints). depending on how many prints I have decided to make in that particular edition. The number of the edition does not however include any artist proofs or remarques.


A Remarque is a print that I paint something extra onto.  For example, sometimes I will add a postage stamp, coin, or a butterfly to the print. I hand paint this onto the print with watercolour paint. There are only a maximum of 10% of the amount of any edition made as Remarques (i.e. 10 Remarques for a Limited Edition of 100) so they are a bit more exclusive and personalized. There is also an extra $100 charge on top of the usual price of the print for me to do the remarque work. But I love to put in something that has a bit of personal meaning for the customer, sometimes even a small family heirloom like an old key.