About the Artist

One summer when I was twenty my brother brought in a little fledgling bird that had been hopping around the garden and I drew some pictures of it. That summer as I had been doing some sketches of my family it was the first time I had really been able to capture what I saw on paper. My mother who is also an artist said “I can teach you”  and that was the first year we took off on a journey of art. At the end the year I was able to publicly exhibit my work for the first time, a mixtures of pencil drawings some with acrylic washes along with my mother’s amazing bronze work.

The next year when my birthday came around my parents took me to a beautiful art shop and bought me a set of Schmincke Watercolours in a wooden box, I have since broken the palette several times, but I still continue to use this lovely set 20 years later. This was when I got into watercolour never to turn back. My first paintings were often mostly pencil with watercolour washes over the top but as I learned more about what I was doing I was able to do less pencil underneath until now i only use it for outline and then erase it away when it is painted over with watercolour. I have pretty much always used a the same watercolour paper called Saunders Waterford by St Cuthberts Mill “It’s attractive surface is created using natural woollen felts that give it a distinctive random texture. “


Artist Talitha Rosanne Brauchli painting in watercolor
Talitha Rosanne Brauchli painting in watercolour

Many years ago I decided that I wanted to put a special symbol on my artwork being inspired by the composer J. S. Bach, I put his music ‘Glory to God’   It is just my way of showing gratefulness to God who gave me life, salvation and the gift to paint. I love to hide it in odd little places on my work for example it may be painted on the label of a baking powder tin, hidden in the grasses of a bird’s nest or as a postmark on a letter.


close up of a watercolour painting